Compliance Officer

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Funding Societies | Modalku is the largest SME digital financing platform in Southeast Asia, expanding into a leading SME neobank. We are licensed and registered in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and operating in Vietnam, and backed by Sequoia India, Softbank Vision Fund and SMBC bank amongst many others. Funding Societies | Modalku provides business financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is funded by individual and institutional investors.  And here at Funding Societies | Modalku we live by our core values GETFS: Grow Relentlessly: Strive to become our best, most authentic selves. Enable Teamwork, Disable Politics: Only by forging togetherness, we help each other succeed. Test Measure Act: Stay curious and reinvent ourselves, through innovation and experimentation. Focus on Impact: Create impact through bias for action and tangible results. Serve with Obsession: Build win-win relationships for the long-term by having a customer obsession. You'll join our Indonesia Compliance Team, playing a pivotal role in establishing, upholding, and overseeing compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations. Your responsibilities will encompass fostering the company's commitment to corporate governance, maintaining internal policies and documentation, and preparing relevant compliance reports for daily business operations. Additionally, you'll offer support to various teams, ensuring their adherence to regulatory requirements. Your diligence will contribute to the company and our related subsidiaries remaining fully compliant with all applicable Indonesia laws and regulations. What you will do : Develop, assess, and uphold internal policies and procedures to align seamlessly with relevant laws and regulations. Oversee and maintain the company's compliance with regulatory frameworks, corporate governance standards, and internal policies, ensuring comprehensive documentation. Facilitate communication between the companies, regional teams, consultants, investors, and auditors on compliance-related matters. Scrutinize and audit company procedures and reports to proactively identify potential risks and compliance issues. Manage regulatory reporting frameworks meticulously, ensuring timely submissions and prompt response to any ad hoc requests from regulatory bodies. Ensure the rigorous implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML and CFT) programs in compliance with applicable regulations. Conduct compliance awareness programs and training sessions for internal stakeholders. Prepare compliance-related reports adhering to relevant guidelines and standards. Execute the objectives and key results (OKRs) outlined by the risk and compliance team. Take proactive steps to achieve departmental and managerial targets, aligning efforts with organizational goals. Requirements Hold a Bachelor's degree in law, accounting, economics, or a related field from a reputable university. Possess a minimum of 3 years' experience as a Compliance or Internal Audit staff member in financial/compliance services. Demonstrate a strong understanding of the fintech lending industry, multi-finance, insurance, banking & finance, and/or general corporate sectors. Proficient in OJK regulations, including KYC and AML/CFT procedures. Fluent in both written and spoken English. Exhibit outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Possess an analytical mindset coupled with excellent organizational abilities. Uphold a high degree of professional ethics and integrity. You will shine in this role if you have : Approach tasks with a positive attitude, demonstrating flexibility, initiative, innovation, adaptability, and meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility. Possess a comprehensive understanding of Financial Technology, banking and finance, as well as proficiency in OJK regulations. Bring prior experience in compliance, risk-based internal audit, or AML/CFT officer roles to the table. Exhibit qualities of responsibility, independence, self-motivation, and the ability to perform effectively under pressure. Benefits Time off - We would love you to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. We offer flexible paid vacations as well as many other observed holidays by country. We also like to have our people take a day off for special days like birthdays and work anniversaries.   Flexible Working - We believe in giving back the control of work & life to our people. We trust our people and love to provide the space to accommodate each and everyone's working style and personal life.  Medical Benefits - We offer health insurance coverage for our employees and dependents. Our people focus on our mission knowing we have their back for their loved ones too.   Mental Health and Wellness - We understand that our team productivity is directly linked to our mental and physical health. Hence we have Wellness Wednesdays and we engage partners to provide well-being coaching. And we have our Great FSMK Workout sessions too to keep everyone healthy and fit! Learning & Development: We believe learning should never end and we support everyone with curated learning programs on our internal learning platform  Tech Support - We provide a company laptop for our employees and the best possible support for the right equipment/tools to enable high productivity