Senior Software Engineer (Go-lang/Blockchain/Web3)

  • Menteng
  • Nobi

Job Description Core Responsibilities: Design and develop scalable, high-performance backend services and APIs focused on Web3 technologies. Enhance and maintain Go-lang codebases to improve scalability and reliability. Implement blockchain interactions with RPCs, smart contracts in Solidity, and occasionally in Rust. Qualifications Required Qualifications: Significant Go-lang development experience, ideally in blockchain applications. Deep understanding of Go programming, particularly goroutines and channel handling. Proficient in reading smart contract developed using Solidity / Rust. Strong grasp of data structures, algorithms, and foundational computer science concepts. Ability to write clean, secure, and maintainable code. Experienced with Git or other version control systems. Excellent problem-solving skills with keen attention to detail. Additional Information Technical and Additional Skills: Experienced in third-party API integration within blockchain contexts. Knowledge of microservices architecture and technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Familiar with JavaScript/TypeScript. Proficient in Web3, blockchain protocols, and encryption technologies.   Personal Attributes: High degree of initiative and self-development. Exceptional analytical abilities and innovative approach to problem-solving. Strong communication skills, able to clearly convey technical details. Comfortable working directly with the CTO in a small, expert team environment.