Portfolio Manager - Transaction Management

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Lease Administration support but not limited to: Managing Co-locators (New / Existing) after Lease Agreement sign has been signed , including but not limited to: Update the Lease Commencement Date on Tririga based on the BAST dates liaise with regional counterpart Collecting outstanding document (if any) from landlord such as duly signed Lease Agreement, Amendments, etc. and upload the Final duly signed documents into Tririga Finance Account Receivable support but not limited to: Ensuring vendor registration for new NFR Co-locators (tenant) is created in a timely manner, supported by all necessary documentation from the new vendor and liasing with Client regional Finance team and BSO in Poland (for guidance) so that payment process is also on time. Manage relationship with co-locators (tenants) related to payments and any other issues on site Ensuring that Co-locators (tenant) pays the Security Deposit or Top Up Security Deposit (whichever is applicable) as well as ensuring that Down Payments or 1st Rental Payments are paid by the co-locators (tenant) before any Fitting Out Process by liaising closely with NFR Managers for the signed of BAST Documents. Manage the billings/invoices (thru Tririga or manual billing request) for each co-locators each month in accordance with the SOP and key milestone dates as well as tax invoices to be sent maximum within 3 days of the date of the invoices issued. Zero unbilled or missed billings Ensure and follow up to each co-locators (tenants) that they have receive those invoices as well as tax invoices; as well as follow up on payments and proof of payment (as necessary) Ensure that all monthly financial posting is done on time each month (ensure that all key milestones are executed on time) Ensuring that any invoices being cancel and rebill are process in a timely manner to ensure that it can be posted within the same month. Liaising closely with finance regional team and NFR managers. Collecting Co-locators Sales Report monthly; Calculate and check revenue sharing payment from the sales report to bill/ invoice based on the higher figures. Liaising closely with billing team to ensure that the invoices are billed in accordance with the higher figures Monitor and ensure billing on time for leases with Client Billing team as well as support Client Retailers to ensure that Service Charge and Utilities Charge has been billed and paid by the Co-locators (tenants) Assist Client RE in providing a 3rd warning letter to Co-locators (tenants) that has not been responsive to the 1st and 2nd warning letter issue by Client Credit Finance team by liaising closely with NFR Managers and working with Retailers on site to shut all monthly utilities (water, electricity) including access to the leased premises until the issues has been resolved in a satisfactory manner agreed by all parties involved. Liaise with Real Estate team for any issue related to the co-locators (related maintenance and operations) in the event of closure/ early termination and/or expansion as well as disposal of asset (as necessary) which is related to any outstanding payments, deposits etc.