KOL Specialist (Marketing & Advertising Industry)

  • Tanjungbarat
  • Sabikerja

Description:SabiKerja is a curated headhunter agency based in Jakarta that is well-known as a one-stop talent solution in which we connect curated quality talent with the institution or company that partners with us.We represent our client that one of the branding agencies which captivate full-suite sales and marketing to assist SMEs to large enterprisesKey Responsibilities:Identify and collaborate with key opinion leaders in the industry to align with brand values and objectives.Develop and implement influencer marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and reach target audiences effectively.Cultivate strong relationships with KOLs to secure partnerships and create authentic content that resonates with the target market.Monitor and analyze campaign performance metrics to optimize influencer collaborations and achieve campaign goals.Stay updated on industry trends and best practices in influencer marketing to drive continuous innovation and success.Requirements:Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field.Minimum of 5 years of proven experience in influencer marketing or KOL management within a creative agency or relevant industry.Strong network of key opinion leaders and influencers across various platforms and industries.Excellent communication and negotiation skills to foster partnerships and drive successful collaborations.Demonstrated track record of executing successful influencer campaigns and achieving measurable results.