Enterprise Project

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Enterprise Project Description: DescriptionTo oversee and optimize the organization's inventory levels. This role involves planning, implementing, and monitoring inventory management strategies to ensure efficient operations and meet customer demands. Develop and implement inventory management strategies to optimize stock levels while minimizing carrying costs To forecast demand and ensure adequate stock levels to meet customer requirements Place orders with suppliers, track shipments, and manage delivery schedules to maintain optimal inventory levels Implement systems and processes for real-time tracking of inventory movements, including receipts, shipments, and stock adjustments Work with relevant departments to ensure the quality of incoming and outgoing goods, including conducting regular stock audits Generate and analyze inventory reports, providing insights into inventory performance, turnover, and potential improvements Responsible for understanding and implementing the requirements of the occupational health and safety management system, as well as the environmental management system, in accordance with their respective duties and functions. Soft SkillBusiness & Market SavvyData AnalyticsDigital MindsetGovernanceEducationS1 (Strata 1) in Management or Industrial ManagementD4 (Diploma 4) in Administration or BusinessIndustry ExperienceLogisticsTelecommunicationCompetenciesAgile LeadershipCoalition BuildingCustomer CentricPeople FirstResults DrivenStrategic AccountabilityYears of Experience3-5 Years