Electrical technician (Batam)

  • Kota Batam
  • Nov Inc

Profab is looking for applicants who are experienced electrical technicians with a minimum 2 years' experience with electrical ] installations in a industrial environment. Must have good understanding of all safety requirements.There are a variety of tasks that an employee in this position may complete. These include assembling and installing new electrical equipment, testing and maintaining old equipment, and repairing equipment that has been damaged. To achieve this, the electrical technician needs to be able to read electronic circuit blueprints, construct and fabricate parts, and use a variety of hand tools, among other things.Qualifying for the role of an electrical technician doesn’t necessarily require an advanced degree, though it is beneficial. Must have at least 2 years of experience in the electrical industry and the ability to carry out a wide variety of electrical repair, maintenance, and installation tasks.