2D Animator (IN)

  • Jakarta
  • Ilathys
Job Description This is a remote position. fewStones is a dynamic video production agency based in Singapore. We work with large and small companies and have an established brand for more than 10 years. With us, you can work in a dynamic and creative environment covering the whole spectrum of video services. You can develop your existing skills, learn new ones and grow according to your willingness to take charge of projects and interact directly with clients. As a 2D Animator, you  will be responsible for creating visually appealing and captivating animations for various projects. You’ll work closely with our creative and production team to bring characters, objects and environments to life through movement and storytelling. You must be passionate about animation, possess great artistic and technical skills and can work efficiently to meet project deadlines.  What you’ll do…  Develop high-quality 2D animations based on project requirements and specifications Develop storyboards and animatics to plan and visualise animation sequences. Create smooth and fluid character animations, including movement, expressions, and gestures. Design and animate objects, backgrounds, and visual effects to enhance the overall visual appeal of the animation. Utilise traditional and digital 2D animation techniques to bring concepts to life. Apply knowledge of timing, spacing, weight, and anticipation to create believable and engaging animations. Implement and refine character rigs and skeletal structures to ensure proper movement and articulation. Incorporate secondary motion, such as hair, clothing, and environmental effects, to add realism to animations. Collaborate with the creative and production team to understand the project’s objectives and translate them into engaging animations.  Follow established production pipelines and adapt to changes in project requirements and deadlines.  Participate in team meetings, provide input and contribute to the creative team process.  Stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in 2D animation  Requirements What you’ll have… Bachelor’s degree in Animation or any relevant field Expert knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate and good knowledge of other Adobe Creative Cloud applications Proven experience as a 2D Animator, showcasing a strong portfolio of previous work Solid understanding of animation principles, timing and storytelling techniques Attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality animations. Ability to work well under pressure and meet project deadlines. Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and take direction effectively